Alzheimer’s Disease Lifestyle Tips

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Alzheimer’s Disease is something we all are concerned about in the aging process. Chinese Medicine is a powerful ancient healing practice that can help slow the progression of cognitive decline. Here are some valuable tips to help with the disease.


Nutrition is medicine, “let the food be your medicine”. Diet can be viewed as the number one healer when it comes to degenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s disease in Chinese Medicine is a decline of kidney yin, yang, and Jing. Patients can also have excess phlegm which causes a circulation blockage to the brain. Diet plays a key role because foods that nourish and build a healthy foundation can slow the progression. Some foods to considering adding and removing include:

1. Eat a handful of raw walnuts daily. Walnuts nourish the brain and kidneys. In Chinese Medicine, the brain relates to the kidneys and Alzheimer’s disease is a decline of the kidneys. Think of it this way, a whole walnut look like a little brain with two lobes!

2. Eat avocados a few times a week. Avocados help with the good cholesterol (HDL) and are a very good nourishing food for both the brain and digestion.

3. Limit gluten intake. Gluten causes inflammation and can create phlegm. “G-L-U” ten – sounds like glue, right? Makes things sticky in the body, especially around the joints. If you eat gluten it’s best to consume sprouted grains and sprouted grain bread, such as Ezekiel bread.

4. Stay clear of refined sugars. Sugar steals your longevity and ages you, and creates a lot of phlegm and internal dampness. The spleen in Chinese Medicine becomes very deficient when sugar is consumed. Our spleen is what helps make blood, transforms water, and keeps us from gaining unwanted weight.

5. Get rid of your aluminum cookware. Heavy metals from aluminum cookware leach out when cooking and get into your food. Heavy metals create plaques in the brain and arteries, which causes a decrease in essential oxygen and blood to the brain.

6. Consume tons of dark green vegetables daily (at least one full serving)! Dark green vegetables such as collard greens, dandelion greens, mustard greens, spinach, and broccoli, keep the body balanced and increase yin production. Yin deficiency is something we see quite often with Alzheimer’s in Chinese Medicine.

7. No coffee or alcohol! Wait say what?! Decaf doesn’t make a difference in the eyes of Chinese Medicine. The coffee plant itself is very yang and depletes yin, i.e. dehydrates your body. Of course, alcohol is something I think most everyone understands why it’s bad. Heat… heat…heat!

8. Water is key for all of us! Only consume reverse osmosis, steam distilled or ionized water. Most water coming from the tap contains heavy amounts of fluoride, chlorine, and heavy metals. As I’ve stated before heavy metals cause plaques in the brain and in the arteries, which causes a further decline in cognitive function.

9. Eat organic and non-GMO foods. No one really knows the long-term effects of what GMO foods and pesticides are doing to our bodies, but what we do know is they are causing the foods to be so far removed from their natural state. One rule in Chinese Medicine is to follow nature and the elements for longevity!

10. And last but not least… the biggest phlegm culprit is DAIRY! Dairy creates a great deal of phlegm and blocks circulation to the brain. Did you know that most of the world population is lactose intolerant? It’s best to stay clear of dairy for so many reasons.


Physical activity helps encourage a healthy lifestyle and happiness. When we don’t move our bodies become stagnant and Alzheimer’s disease has a direct correlation to stagnant blood and poor circulation. A brisk 20-30 minute walk daily is enough to get the blood pumping and circulation going.


Body Schedule
The key to longevity is a consistent body schedule. The truth is, our bodies love a schedule! Go to bed early and rise early. Eat most of your food from 7am to 2pm and nothing after 7pm. Dinner should be the smallest meal and breakfast should be the biggest! Longevity is strongly connected to the earth element spleen and stomach (digestion). When you nourish these organs in the morning and early day with the bigger meals they are happy. These organs are the weakest in the evening hours. Don’t put food into organs during the time when they should be resting. Treat your body with love and it will love you back!


Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine
Chinese Medicine has been around for over 2,000 years. This ancient healing practice has a lot of years of wisdom under its belt! One reason why acupuncture works so well for Alzheimer’s disease is because it increases the blood and oxygen circulation in the body. Alzheimer’s disease is a decrease in blood and oxygen due to stasis, blood deficiency, yin, yang, and Jing deficiency, and QI (energy) deficiency.



Posted: 4/28/16 8:09 PM

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