Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation, Anti-Aging, and Mei Zen

Safe, Effective, and Relaxing

Cosmetic anti-aging acupuncture is a style of meridian treatment focused on rejuvenating the face and promoting a glowing and youthful look. Because this is a holistic treatment, it also brings the whole body into balance. It enables the patient to transform their skin from the inside out. When collagen is lost as we age wrinkles begin to show up. Acupuncture increases the blood and oxygen throughout the body, allowing the body to recreate the lost collagen and heal. Cosmetic acupuncture is a safe and effective natural way to bring back the glow to your skin, without side effects or invasive surgeries.


Benefits of cosmetic anti-aging acupuncture treatment for the skin:

-Decrease signs of aging

-Firm and improve skin tone

-Reduce acne/or rosacea

-Reduce muscle tension that may be causing unsightly lines

-Diminish Blemishes and Breakouts

-Improve skin elasticity and moisture

-Fade age spots

-Increase collagen and elastin production

-Balance systemic issues


Other health benefits that may occur (we do full-body balance treatments with all cosmetic treatments, so it's like two treatments in ONE!)

-Improve digestion

-Increase energy

-Reduce anxiety and depression

-Stabalize for better sleep

-A healthier immune system


  The standard protocol for a course of cosmetic acupuncture treatment is 2 sessions per week for 5 weeks.


Acupuncture is a traditional healing system that has existed for thousands of years. It consists of inserting needles as thin as a hair into specific acupuncture points of energy (Qi) on the body to simulate energy balance. In the case of imbalance or blockage, Qi is restricted. This state causes degenerative disease, disability, and other health problems. Acupuncture increases the circulation of Qi, oxygen, and blood. It stimulates the body to release corticosteroids (the body’s own anti-inflammatory agents) and endorphins (the body’s own pain relievers). Acupuncture speeds up the body’s self-healing mechanisms, due to its overall body balance properties.


The best way to describe acupuncture is energy medicine. Qi permeates the body, circulating through specific energetic pathways called meridians or channels. These pathways are intertwined in hundreds of points on the surface of the body through which these channels can be accessed and influenced. Gentle and subtle stimulation of specific sequences of points during a treatment gives your body the opportunity to heal and function naturally.

What can acupuncture help me with? (acupuncture is recognized by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to be effective in the following):

-Anxiety, depression, and insomnia


-Asthma, sinusitis and seasonal allergies

-Chronic fatigue and generally feeling "burnt out"

-Increased immune system

-Digestive issues and nausea

-Dizziness and vertigo



-Indigestion (acid reflux)

-Headache and migraines

-Low back pain and sciatica

-Both chronic and acute pain

-PMS, cramps, and regulation of the womem's cycle

-Neck and shoulder pain

-Stop smoking


Stress Management

Stress is the "wear and tear" our bodies experience as we adjust to our continually changing environment. It can result in feelings of distrust, rejection, anger, and depression, which in turn can lead to health problems such as headaches, both chronic and acute pain, upset stomach and acid reflux, fatigue and a feeling of being "burnt out", rashes, insomnia, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and more. With changes of circumstance like the death of a loved one, the birth of a child, a job promotion, or a new relationship, we experience stress as we readjust our lives. During the period of adjustment, how we handle stress can help or hinder us. 


It has been found that most illnesses are related to unrelieved stress. If you are experiencing the symptoms of stress, you are beyond your optimal stress level. You need to reduce the stress in your life and/or improve your ability to manage it. We offer many therapies to assist our patients in learning to manage stress in life.

​​Pain Management

Acupuncture is known to ease pain by affecting neurotransmitters, immune system or hormone levels. It reduces inflammation and swelling, and provides pain relieve by regulating sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, increases circulation - Qi (energy), blood and oxygen, and calls attention to areas of the body that need healing. Acupuncture helps with types of pain that are chronic such as back pain, neck/shoulder/knee/ankle/wrist pain, osteoarthritis/joints pain, migraine and tension headaches. It also helps with acute pain and recovery from injuries, sprains, strains, breaks, etc.   Acupuncture involves inserting sterile thin-hair-like needles at various places on the body to stimulate acupoints. Needles are inserted and left in place up to 30 minutes. There are often 6–12 needles (sometimes more) inserted at different acupuncture points at the same time. The sensation is often described as a tingling or dull ache at the entry point. Often times acupuncture is said to be "painless", but if pain is felt, it is very minimal. Nothing even comparable to getting an injection or blood drawn. The needles we use for treatment are very tiny, fine like-a-hair.   Microcurrent Electro-Acupuncture Microcurrent electro-acupuncture is a treatment system used for pain relief or injury rehabilitation. Wands are used to apply treatment to specific acupuncture points and regions of pain. You may also receive microcurrent therapy through pad electrodes for treatment of larger areas like low back, knees, and other large joints. It is a pain-free procedure, as microcurrents are electrical currents in the millionth of amp, so subtle that you may not feel them at all. Each treatment is 10 to 30 minutes but depends on the severity of the condition.
Microcurrent Energy Light Facial Rejuvenation

Energy Light Rejuvenation is the future of skincare technology. It is at the forefront of skincare innovation. It was developed on principles used in ancient healing traditions. It uses a Microcurrent with Therapeutic Light and Color to stimulate the patient’s meridians and skin safely and naturally. Bridging Eastern technique and Western technology, ELR is where holistic goes high-tech! Energy Light Rejuvenation allows patients to have individualized treatments for their specific skin needs.


ELR benefits:

-Stimulate Collagen Production

-Smooth Fine Lines & Wrinkles

-Firm Skin Tone

-Improve Skin Texture

-Diminish Blemishes and Breakouts

-Minimize Puffinessc


ELR is a natural way to achieve these results without surgery, needles, redness, flaking, chemicals, downtime or discomfort.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is easier and longer-lasting with the holistic approach. Natural weight loss can make the body healthier physically, and also improve energy and mental clarity. There are many factors involved in all overweight conditions. Weight loss solutions are tailored to meet each patent’s individual needs. Various detox and healing services provide the necessary healing functions to address each of the root causes of weight gain. With the advantage of the holistic approach, I can offer services of true weight loss.


Detoxing can be a tremendous boost to weight loss. Once the excessive plaque and debris is removed from the digestive tract, colon, spleen, liver, lungs, kidneys and blood, the body is able to utilize food effectively. Through detox our body will function better and the extra body weight will naturally fall off.


Certain acupuncture techniques can stimulate glands to increase metabolism and clear blockages responsible for excess fat storage. These techniques improve the body's functions to promote weight loss.


Using Chinese nutrition, I guide my patients to find the lifestyle choices that best fit their specific case. I offer my patients a plan designed to cleanse their body, restore their immune function and rebuild the endocrine system. I help my patients to make gradual, lifelong changes that enable them to reach their current and future health goals. 


Nutritional Support with herbal medicine and dietary changes will help you create a permanent change in your lifestyle, not through unnatural diets that are impossible to maintain.

Women’s Health

Chinese Medicine helps to restore hormonal and emotional balance and overall vitality. Acupuncture has been scientifically proven to address the following conditions:
  • • menstrual irregularities
  • • amenorrhea
  • • dysmenorrhea
  • • emotional instability
  • • anxiety and depression
  • • Insomnia
  • • cramps
  • • breast tenderness
  • • headaches
  • • migraines
  • • digestive issues
  • • menopausal signs and symptoms
Acupuncture helps with infertility due to:
  • • fibroids
  • • lack of ovulation
  • • luteal phase deficiency
  • • endometriosis, PCOS etc.
For women trying to get pregnant, acupuncture and herbal medicine stimulate blood flow to the pelvic organs for better nourishment, balance hormones such as estrogen and progesterone, improve and strengthen the lining of the uterus. Acupuncture helps women relax and release stress so their bodies are able to conceive more easily.  Stress causes the sympathetic nervous system to be over stimulated which causes blood flow to be diverted away from the ovaries and uterus to the adrenal glands instead.  This contributes to infertility.
AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging

The AcuGraph is a computerized tool that analyzes the energetic status of the key acupuncture meridians. The practitioner uses this technology in a short initial examination. The procedure involves touching a wet probe to several acupuncture points on your hands and feet. It is completely painless and nonintrusive. Armed with the output of information about the energy balance of each meridian, the practitioner can make better-informed decisions about your condition when creating your treatment plan.

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