My experience with Wisdom of Health was incredible. Nadiya helped me to get rid of my insomnia. I have been able to get a good nights rest everyday since my last visit with Nadiya.

Jennifer Bradley
Lincoln Park, IL

I had been struggling with recurrent acne on my face for years. I came in for a treatment with Nadiya. She decided to use Microcurrent Electro Acupuncture. I was glad to find it was completely painless. My acne improved steadily with each week. To my surprise, I also saw significant improvements in my sleep patterns. My insomnia has resolved thanks to my treatments.

Andrea Mitchell
Logan Square, IL

I came in to see Nadiya for a Mei Zen facial acupuncture session to treat my wrinkles. I was very happy with the results I saw and decided to come in for another five weeks of consecutive Electro acupuncture sessions. I see a big improvement in my skin and a significant reduction in the amount of wrinkles. My results are long-lasting and I am very satisfied. I still come in for maintenance treatments.

Jenna Parker
Albany Park, IL

I came in looking to treat my chronic back pain naturally. I have a phobia of needles, so Nadiya was able to use Micro-current electro acupuncture to treat my problem areas. After two months of regular treatments, I am pain-free. What a relief!

Andrea Houston
Edgewater, IL

I was looking to improve my looks when I found Nadiya. My interest was in improving the appearance of my skin. After several treatments, I noticed that my shoulder pain was also simultaneously decreasing. I am hooked!

Brittany Johnson
Hyde Park, IL
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